The service never will gather any sensitive information in order to use it against the customers, which may rest assured that any data provided by them is safe at all times. With sheer discretion and strict policies submitted on behalf of the online protocols abided by the webpage, there will be never any discretional transparency of the information, providing a full disclosure only the data holders. Every bit of information that could be collected, is treated with the utmost importance and strict confidentiality, which always keeps the customer related privacy intact.

The clients can always choose to disallow the flow of information, if any form of it is being send to them directly, for example by using a regular newsletter. A written request can also give them full access to editing any of the data submitted previously. Web based files like cookies that are being implemented on the site will never gathers information about the viewers, only in terms of recognition and the advantage of an automated logging process. Future updates can appear in the future, with any relevant changes that could occur in the meantime.