ParagonEX is a multiple purpose trading platform systems, managing all the requirements for an advanced performance through the binary options services. As a hosted solution, supporting turn-key applications and programs, makes it a standalone, customizable platform that runs for consecutive time frames. Comprising of meaningful advantages like the reporting system and campaign manager is greatly appreciated, just as the news feed and charts integration program.
The platform will always offer secure and scalable technologies that apprehend the upper wave of web based utilities, ranging from traditional brokers to financial institutes all the same.

The studio is responsible for creating innovative tools that fall under the sector of binary options, forex trading and financial games to make the most of such profitable invention. The system base has been designed to incorporate various alternatives and support the vast range of services that can be involved in any of the business operations at hand. The product itself will present as a suite of programs that allow an advanced way to the online market. The main components of this platform will include the web based front end, a complete trading engine and vast back office.

This fully customizable combination is certainly a grand development that progressed throughout the entire industry as one of the currently leading divisions of trading means for the online purposes. Many of the best brokers will also come to appreciate how the framework can be tuned and operated with much freedom befalling on the rest of the program that can involve simultaneous reaction from the entire public area at bay.

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